A vehicle configurator that moves cars too

Customers can research, build, and order new cars - all without leaving your website... or their couch.
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Generate ready-to-order builds

With Motive Showroom, your customers can configure their vehicle in just a few minutes. We use OEM-sourced build data to ensure that customers only buildable vehicles that can be configured by your customers.
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Fully integrated across your website

Customers can start the build process from anywhere on your website without having to go to a new page. If a customer is unable to find the a vehicle in your inventory, we intelligently suggest that they order directly instead.
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A vehicle configurator for the masses

Stay within OEM build parameters

Your customers can configure the exact vehicle they want, within OEM pricing and option parameters, and submit that build as a lead. This means you will only receive fulfillable orders.
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Keep your customers on your website

Rather than routing customers to an external configurator, or losing them to another dealership, your customers can configure vehicles without leaving your website... or their couch.
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Capture "found deals"

When a customer can't find a vehicle in your inventory, we strategically prompt them to submit a custom build instead. This unlocks new deals that would have been lost.
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New build received!
Bob Dylan
2022 Ford F-150 Lariat
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Easily view and manage customer builds

As soon as a customer completes their build, you'll receive a complete build sheet with all the details you need to submit the order - including option codes.
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