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Inventory questions

You can query vehicles in chat, and then ask follow-up questions about specific vehicles that Ask Ai recommended. For example, you can ask:

- “Do you have a Nissan Rogue in stock?”
- “Looking for a cheap electric car”
- “Tell me more about that Altima you showed me”
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Dealership questions

Dealership Information: Motive Chat is has extensive knowledge about the dealership. You can ask questions like:

- “What are your hours?”
- “Who’s the general manager”
- “How do I get to Boulder Nissan from Denver?”
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OEM Information

It also has access to model specific information about every current model year. For example:

- “What is the battery capacity of the Ariya Engage+?”
- “What Titan trims have 4WD?”
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Conversion & lead-gen

Motive Chat can now intelligently suggest Motive conversion tools when it detects a buy-signal. For example, questions like “can you help me estimate my payment?” or “what’s my car worth?” will prompt a CTA for the most applicable lead form.
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