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what is the miles per gallon on this
The 2018 Audi Q5 gets 23 MPG in the city and 27 MPG on the highway, for a combined MPG of 25.
2018 Audi Q5 Premium Plus
2.0T quattro
Low Miles
3rd Row

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Motive gives you everything you need for a great customer experience
Motive gives you everything you need to offer your customers an exceptional user experience.
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Bill Vaughn

"Our first month with Motive, a web provider we chose because we felt it provided a site that was more customer-focused rather than lead-driven, produced the most website leads we had in a single month in the first month of use. It's almost like focusing on the customer produces more leads..."

Motive Team
"is it ok if I put this quote from you on our website?"
Bill Vaughn
"You bet. That was in February. We broke that record again in March."
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Motive takes less time to use.
Time to open 20 VDPs
8x faster
54 seconds
Comparison 1
159 seconds
Comparison 2
176 seconds
Comparison 3
439 seconds
I'd like to schedule service for my leaf
What's the MPG on this truck
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Use Ask AI to answer customer questions, collect leads, and enhance your customer journey. Powered by ChatGPT.
Automate your description-writing with ChatGPT and generate amazing, informative, and accurate vehicle descriptions.
Upscale all of your vehicle images by 4x, automatically on import using our custom-trained Stable Diffusion model.
Use text prompts to generate rich, diverse, realistic backdrops for all of your vehicles, automatically on import - without lifting a finger.
Generate massive amounts of content using ChatGPT and publish it at scale across dozens of website properties.
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Welcome to Boulder Nissan! How can I help you?
What’s the range of the Nissan ARIYA?
The ARIYA has a range of 205 to 304mi depending on the trim.
any in stock
Nissan ARIYA inventory
"Motive Chat is our #2 lead source, behind phone calls only."
Ted Christiano
General Manager


Automatically remove & replace undesirable backgrounds.
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Automatically increase the pixel count of your images by 4x.
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Take your descriptions from mad libs feature lists to captivating stories.

We automatically write rich, detailed, and accurate vehicle descriptions for each vehicle in your inventory, all with AI.
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